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The StoryHarp Audioventure Interactive Fiction Authoring System (first released around 1998) was originally written by Paul Fernhout and Cynthia Kurtz to provide an easy way to create simple choose-your-own-adventure style interactive fiction. It was inspired in part by how the Smalltalk development environment worked using a variety of different style browsers on the same content.

The windows version of the StoryHarp software was notable for including voice input and text-to-speech, for eyes-free exploration, relying on Microsoft Agent. It also supported generating the code for Java applets based on the stories.

Michael Zerbo used the StoryHarp software to write "Dames are Trouble".

The StoryHarp software was first offered as shareware for Windows, and then made freeware, and is still available for download that works under Windows or WINE.

A Java port of much of the Delphi code for it is now available under the GNU GPL on GitHub (but it does not support voice interaction yet).

The original StoryHarp authors encourage people to build further on their work.