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List of nominees for XYZZY Awards 2008

David Welbourn, here's what I did until now in order to make this page as complete as possible for the XYZZY Awards:

  • Added all the games in French, Spanish and Italian. At least, I think they're all here now.
  • Looked at all the 2008 games on IFDB and on Baf's Guide, and adding the few ones which weren't on the IFWiki already.
  • Added the Commonplace Book Competition IF games.

Here's what I didn't do (but maybe you've already done some of these things?):

  • Games in Russian (see the Russian IFWiki) (anyway, I doubt a game in Russian, even if it's really good, will win a XYZZY award...)
  • Games in German (but I guess they're already all here?)
  • 2008 games from:
    • IF Archive
    • ADRIFT website
    • Quest website
    • AIF websites
    • JACL games
    • SUDS games
    • T.A.B. games (but I don't think there were any?)

A few other remarks:

  • Don't forget that you shouldn't include IntroComp 2008 games.
  • By the way, should we include Blue Lacuna? It was a kind of intro too, wasn't it?
  • I think (but I'm not sure) that two games released in 2008 according to the IFDB were actually released in 2007: Crystal and stone, beetle and bone (see the IFWiki) and Pentari: Second Dawn (see the Malinche website).
  • From the IFDB, I also didn't include Werewolves and Wanderer, Trollslayer and War mage because they seemed to be just new versions of older games, if I understand correctly. I didn't include Unscientific Fiction, either, because it's apparently not complete.

Good luck for the list! --Eriorg 07:11, 26 January 2009 (PST)

Hi, Eriorg. I spent most of Monday trying to come up with a list to hand over; it's currently at , and I've let Eileen know (via inky) that the list is there. I remembered to not include the IntroComp games, nor Alabaster, nor the Guncho games. I agree that CSBB and P:SD were released earlier (I have a 2006 release of CSBB, but that might've been incomplete then.) I knew not to include Trollslayer, since I remember Dwarflover well enough, and I tried to leave out other ports I knew about, but I didn't know about some of these others. I suspect you're right about Blue Lacuna, and that needs to go onto the 2009 list instead. I did not research Russian games at all. I'm hoping to make one list of corrections (additions and removals) in one go, which perhaps can get to Eileen by Thursday? But I felt I had to get a list out *now*, otherwise we might end up fiddling with it forever, and the XYZZY Awards can't wait much longer. -- David Welbourn 13:45, 27 January 2009 (PST)