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in other wikis/dbs:

    This template makes a short bulleted list of links to related pages in IF-related wikis, IF-related databases, and Wikipedia that floats to the right side of the page. If used, it should be specified first so that it goes to the top-right corner of the page.

    It is primarily intended for the use of Category pages. Usage on regular article pages is discouraged, although not forbidden.

    Arguments defined for this template:

    • baf = http://wurb.com/if/baf -- Baf's Guide.
    • baf-archive = full URL of archived page -- Baf's Guide (archived).
    • ru = http://ifwiki.ru/ru -- IFВики (a Russian wiki about IF).
    • ifdb = http://ifdb.tads.org/ifdb -- IFDB (an English database about IF).
    • ifro = http://www.ifreviews.org/index.php?ifro -- Interactive Fiction Reviews Organization.
    • ifwizz = http://ifwizz.de/ifwizz.html -- ifwizz (a German database about IF).
    • es = http://wiki.caad.es/es -- WikiCAAD (a Spanish wiki about IF).
    • wp = http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/wp -- Wikipedia.
    • zork = http://zork.wikia.com/wiki/zork -- Zork Wiki.

    Example for Category:Fantasy:


    Note: This template uses the ParserFunctions extension.