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== Discussion ==
[This term is my own invention. If such a term has already been created, or if you think a better one is appropriate, please discuss it here. -- EricSchmidt - 12 Sep 2002.]
Hmm... pulling a trigger is a deliberate action, so it seems odd that the result of pulling a trigger is defined as not being related to the trigger.  It's more like a land mine going off because someone stepped on it.  Yes, the explosion is the result of the step, but the exposive device was planted out of view, and the person who triggers it doesn't intend to.  My, the examples in this glossary entry are a bit violent, aren't they?  Where's my copy of Deus Ex? -- DGJ - 12 Sep 2002

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A plot event or change in game state that happens upon execution of a certain action, not because they are related, but because the author scripted it. This is a common method of keeping the plot in order.

A building that always exploded as soon as the PC left it, no matter how much time he spent there, would be an example. Leaving the building did not cause the building to explode, but it always happens at that time anyway. In "The Hitchkiker's Guide to the Galaxy", Ford Prefect doesn't show up until you have performed a certain action.

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