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A successful conclusion to an IF work, involving the completion of all or most of the game's important goals. In a work with multiple endings, a win is usually a favorable conclusion to the narrative. Some experimental IF (for example, Cadre's "9:05") is designed so that the ending that is most positive for the PC is anti-climatic for the player. (See also: multiple endings, optimal ending, losing and death.)

Reaching a final reply that indicates the achievement of the IF game's goals.

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(IF works are potential narratives that can geneate numerous narratives, not just a narrative -- each sequece of events which can occur and can be described by the text is a narrative. So I would say that winning generally concludes the particular generated narrative of one traveral in a positive way. Or something like that. As written above the definition *can* be read in a way that I'd consider correct, but it might also lead one to think that an IF work has only one ("the") narrative.)

-- nm - 10 Aug 2002

I hacked at it a bit... not sure I made it much better. -- DGJ - 12 Aug 2002

We've added new terms to the glossary, so I've moved some of the material to more appropriate entries. -- DGJ - 10 Sep 2002