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XTads is a TADS 2/3 interpreter for macOS (version 10.9 and higher). It's a GUI application, with native macOS look and feel. Game output is text-only, with limited/simplistic support for HTML.

2017-10-26: pre-beta 6 is available, adding support for more-prompts in banners, and a few bug fixes.

2017-08-10: pre-beta 5 is available, fixing a rather nasty performance issue.

2017-08-02: pre-beta 4 is available, with a couple of fixes:

  • Changing the background colour of the main output area didn't work.
  • Source code: character set translation (.tcp) files were missing, preventing a correct build.

2017-07-25: pre-beta 3 is available, with:

  • Support for banners (well, except more-prompts)
  • Full support for the <tab> tag
  • Improvements to text formatting
  • Misc. bug-fixes

XTads is still a work in progress. Bug reports are more than welcome - see contact info in the program's About panel.

Download executable: https://ifarchive.org/if-archive/programming/tads2/executables/XTads-prebeta-6.zip

Download source code: https://ifarchive.org/if-archive/programming/tads2/source/XTads-prebeta-6-src.zip