Exactly 14 syllables... er, gulps!

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How It Begins

By a hard day's night you're at home, as usual. Time to have some beer before going to bed...

Notable Features

  • This is an English translation of the entry in the Vzhzh-Vzhzh! competition from February 2013.
  • Vzhzh! is sort of a counterpart to Speed-IF in the Russian interactive fiction community. Authors have about 24 hours to write a game meeting a set of premises set by the organizer(s). The name of the minicomp is an onomatopoeic interjection reproducing the sound of something swishing through the air at a neck-breaking speed.

There's been about seven Vzhzh! contests so far. The one this game has been written for, called Vzhzh-Vzhzh!, was conducted in two rounds on the 14th and 16th February 2013. The first round was dedicated to the 14th February - this day in 1779, Captain James Cook has been eaten by aborigines (or maybe not). Therefore, the games submitted in this round had to fulfil the following premises:

1. The food in the game should talk, but not for a very long time, or in an unknown language.

2. In the game, there should be a pair of twin objects (like shoes) or characters (like, er, twins), with one of them being dry and the other one wet.

3. The game should have a "sweet" and a "bitter" ending.

4. The name of the game should contain exactly 14 syllables.


Version 1.1ee (stands for English edition) - the only version in English


Exactly 14 syllables... er, gulps! at If-Archive


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