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This is a list of all stable utilities, listed in date order.

Utility Format System Updated Multimedia support
Puddle BuildTools for PunyInform Z-code Windows macOS Linux 2024-02-09
ZDevtools Z-code Windows macOS Linux 2023-10-07
IFMapper Not applicable Windows macOS Linux 2023-05-30
MUD Map Not applicable Other 2022-11-02
IFM Windows 2022-07-30
Trizbort Windows 2022-03-19
Babel (utility) 2022-01-18
IF D-pad Windows 2022-01-09
IF Name Generator Browser 2020-11-05
Glulx-strings Glulx TADS 2 TADS 3 Z-code Browser 2019-09-14
ZILF Z-code Windows macOS Linux 2019-08-11
Ztools Z-code Windows macOS Linux MS-DOS Classic Mac OS Commodore Amiga Other 1998-11-07
Alex (bot) Not applicable Other
Floyd (bot) Other

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