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Sections and subsections

There will be up to eight optional sections on the page, dividing the game listings by platform. Those sections are: ADRIFT, Alan, Glulx, Hugo, TADS, Z-code, Other Platforms, and Multiple Platforms. The section names should be internal links to the appropriate authoring system's page in IFWiki; the "Other Platforms" section should link to Platform.

Some of these sections will have subsections:

  • ADRIFT games should be subdivided into ADRIFT 3.8, ADRIFT 3.9, ADRIFT 4.0 and ADRIFT 5.0 as appropriate.
  • Alan games should be subdivided into Alan 2 and Alan 3 as appropriate.
  • Glulx games should be subdivided into Glulx: Inform 6, Glulx: Inform 7, and Glulx: Other as appropriate.
  • TADS games should be subdivided into TADS 2 and TADS 3 as appropriate.
  • Z-code games should be subdivided into Z-code: Inform 5, Z-code: Inform 6, Z-code: Inform 7, and Z-code: Other as appropriate.
  • Other Platform games should be subdivided into applicable platforms as appropriate for any platforms not otherwise covered above. For example:
    • Games that run only on DOS should be listed under MS-DOS.
    • Games that run only on Windows should be listed under MS-Windows.
    • Games that are written in some combination of HTML, CSS, and Javascript (a.k.a. DHTML) should be listed under Web browser.

Games that run on multiple platforms should be listed together in the Multiple Platforms section. For this section only, all applicable platforms should be listed within the game references.

General guidelines

  • No empty sections or subsections. Do not include empty sections or subsections. For example, if there are no TADS 3 games in 1995, do not add a TADS 3 subsection on that year's page.
  • Alphabetical order. Game lists within a section or subsection should be formatted as a simple bulleted listing of game references sorted in alphabetical order by the game's title. See Game reference (style guide) for more details on what a game reference should look like. See Game reference list (style guide) for details on what is meant by alphabetical order.
  • Omit the year. The year that a game was released should be omitted from all game references on a "games released in year" page, since the year is understood from the page title.
  • Omit the platform. The platform that a game runs on should be omitted from all game references on a "games released in year" page, since the platform in understood from the section the game is listed in.
    • Exception: The Multiple Platforms section must still list all applicable platforms.
  • Extra details are allowed, but only temporarily: Game references may temporarily include external links to that game's homepage, the game's page on Baf's Guide, where a reader can download the game, and which competition(s) that game was entered in. However, when the game has its own page on IFWiki, please move this excess data to the game's page, and remove the excess data about the game from the "games released" page.