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R.A.G.S. a.k.a. RAGS is the Rapid Adventure Game System.


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TODO: Everything; I only just found out about it. Found out who the system creator is, if there's a cost, if it's in beta, what are its features, what does sample code look like (if applicable), when was it first announced, is there a sample game to play, etc. etc. etc.

The creator is Steve. There is no cost yet. I started up the website in January 2007. I've been working on the system since around April 2006. It will eventually require a subscription/registration but currently it is free as I'm still adding features and enhancements. At some point I will be happy enough with it to charge, but that's still a ways off. You use the Rags Designer to create games, so there is no "sample code". The game file generated by the Rags Designer is encrypted. I have a bad demo game called Castle Quest on my website and I'd like to make it a good demo game, once I have time. Hope this helps...