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Porn / Erotica
Porn / Erotica
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2006 AIF Mini-comp
1st place of 8

Based on WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment).

How It Begins

NOTE: This is an adult game involving sexual situations between consenting adults.

You are a male wrestler. The game asks you to enter which name you will use.

You're new to WWE. Vince McMahon (interim General Manager of RAW and WWE Chairman) asked you to meet him at the arena to sign your contract. You are dressed casually, and arrive backstage, which is cluttered with wires, tables and chairs. The arena is south, parking lot is north, General Manager's office west, and locker rooms east.

Notable Features

Contains an innovative wrestling segment.


Competition Version

  • WWE - RAW's New GM (A.Bomire; 07-Apr-2006; TADS 2).
    • IFID wanted. (Please replace this line with a babel template.)
    • Note: There is a readme file called README.TXT.
    • AIF Minicomp 2006: 1st place overall. Was also 1st in the Concept/Writing and Technical categories, 2nd in Hotness, and 3rd in Characters and Enjoyment.
    • Download RawsGM.zip from the author's site.
    • Also available as part of the AIF Minicomp 2006 downloads.


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