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WoW Software was founded by Joan Pancott in 1990 and won the "Best homegrown adventure company" award at the third Adventure Convention in 1992.

Joan, based in Weymouth, Dorset, UK, was well known on the scene for her 'Witch of Wessex' (WoW) adventure helpline, and the launch of the WoW software arm was designed to fill the noticeable gap of adventure releases in the Amstrad CPC & PCW market. Joan ran the label along with her husband Maurice.

Publishing new titles and conversions, from authors such as Michael and Jane Trewhella, Bob Adams, Simon Avery and Steve Clay, as well as republishing older Amstrad games, WOW software won multiple UK Adventurers' Convention awards for best independent software house.

After the death of Joan Pancott in 1997, Barbara Gibb of Adventure Probe took over the running of WoW, at the request of Joan's family.