2011 AIF Mini-comp

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The yearly AIF minicomp was running again in 2011. The submission deadline was 9:00 a.m. CST Monday, May 16, 2011. Games were released on May 19, 2011.


  1. Last Horizons (GoblinBoy; TADS 2).
  2. SS Whore (The Blue Satyr; ADRIFT 4).
  3. The Princess and the Dragon (RogueAIF; TADS 3).
  4. Ashley's Story (Rip_CPU; Z-code).
  5. Buffy: Before the Date (Archer; ADRIFT 3.9).
6th or 7th place: Redskirt II: Another Piece of the Action (Begferdeth; Z-code).
6th or 7th place: The Wingman (Dark Horse; ADRIFT 3.9).

More detailed results: see The AIF Newsletter Volume 7 Number 2 (June 2011) - in pdf or text format.