Adrift Vaporware Awards 2005

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The Adrift Vaporware Awards 2005 was a new competition to give recognition to authors and not-quite-authors who failed to produce an Adrift game in 2005. The competition organizer was Stefan Donati a.k.a. Shuarian.

The competition ended prematurely on 06-Jan-2006, when the comp organizer announced that there were no nominations whatsoever, and thus, after some deliberation, decided that he himself, Stefan Donati, was the overall winner of the comp.


  • 15-Dec-2005: Nomination period starts.
  • 04-Jan-2006: Nomination period ends. All nominations must be in before 24.00 GMT.
  • 05-Jan-2006: Nominees will get announced, and a judging form set up.
  • 06-Jan-2006: Judging period opens.
  • 13-Jan-2006: Judging period ends. All votes must be in before 24.00 GMT.
  • 14-Jan-2006: The winners will be denounced announced.


  • The Demi-Award
    Vaporware game with the highest potential of getting released 2006
  • The Vladimir Nabokov Award
    Best announcement for a vaporware game
  • The '2 + 2 = 5' Award
    You wouldn't have guessed it's vaporware - highest noise level
  • The Camouflage Award
    Most interesting excuse for not finishing a game
  • The Segway Award
    Most hyped vaporware game
  • The 'Duke Nukem Forever' Award
    Vaporware game of the year
  • The Santa Claus Award
    Vaporware author of the year