Advent Children Minicomp

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This minicomp's organizer is Ben Caplan.


Posted on on Sun, Mar 19 2006:

I thought it seemed inevitable, but no one seems to have done it yet.

Therefore I'm putting out the call:

Write a game called "ADVENT Children". The game should, as closely as possible, bear the same relationship to Adventure that Advent Children did to Final Fantasy 7. Try not to make it too silly. Deadline is April 2, unless someone comes up with a good reason why not.

On second thought, it doesn't have to be a game (in keeping with the

aforementioned analogy).

Clarification posted on March 23, 2006:

Briefly, Advent Children is a movie sequel/epilogue to FF7, which is a PS2 game. It incorporated most of the same protagonists and antagonists, and loosely similar themes, as the original. The graphics were considerably more sophisticated. Of course, if you have a different opinion, go ahead and interpret according to that. Basically, there are a number of different ways one could approach this, which is good, because otherwise the entries would be repetitive and redundant.

(My interpretation: Basically you just need to reuse as much of the game's elements, NPCs, and themes as you can, but reworking them in whatever way you like. Maybe you'd want the bear to be the "Mountain King" or you have to steal the plover egg from the bird or the "maze of twisty passages" could be a book of sonnets. -- David Welbourn 14:45, 23 March 2006 (EST))


No entries were submitted. See Minicomp Results: ADVENT Children, posted on April 3rd, 2006.