Anyone in the mood for a comp?

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Anyone in the mood for a comp?
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Anyone in the mood for a comp? was an ADRIFT competition organized by Cowboy and Lumin. The submission deadline was 31st January 2015. The voting deadline was 14th February 2015.

For games made using Adrift V.5, the prize was $10.


  • Theme of the game is free (although, in order to stay out of trouble with Miami Vice, let's keep it clean.).
  • Game has to be made using Adrift V.5.
  • Game must not have been published before.
  • Maximum 2 locations.
  • Maximum 1 npc.


Two games were released:

  1. Algernon's Conundrum (Nick Gauthier; ADRIFT 5).
  2. Beagle 2 (Larry Horsfield; ADRIFT 5).