C-40 Contest

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C-40 Contest
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Organiser Sam Trenholme
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The C-40 contest is a minicomp being run by Sam Trenholme to create a compelling Z-machine game that fits in 40960 bytes or less. Any kind of game created with any kind of system is allowed, as long as the resulting code is a v3 or v5 Z-machine file that fits in 40k.

The contest was announced on rec.arts.int-fiction on October 3, 2007. The submission deadline was Monday, December 4, 2007. Since only David Fisher entered any games, the comp organizer forwent the judging period and declared him the winner.


Note that these games aren't IF:

  • Animals (David Fisher; 04-Dec-2007; Z-code).
  • Cryptographer (David Fisher; 04-Dec-2007; Z-code).
  • ZRacer (David Fisher; 04-Dec-2007; Z-code).