C Adventure Toolkit

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C Adventure Toolkit, created by Tony Stiles. Originally released as shareware in 1985, the C Adventure toolkit was designed to allow fast development of professional quality text adventures, it automatically performs all low-level processing for adventure games. Aimed ultimately at programmers but easy enough for any user to learn. Supports any number of objects, locations, actions, characters etc. and converts all inputs into the C language.

A second version of C Adventure Toolkit was later released in 1991 which included executables, sources, examples, tutorials and a manual. Sadly the parser was terrible, even for its time and the software was hugely overlooked and then overshadowed by AGT in 1993.


Very few authors used this particular piece of software, the most notable games written using this system is Awe Chasm written by Tony Stiles himself and Everyday Adventure a Dungeons and Dragon's based work of IF.


Originally released as a shareware title, the C Adventure Toolkit has since been made freeware and is available from the IF Archive website.