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TODO: more detail of background of this site needed; also, the discussion initiative of the same name should be mentioned, since that was probably a different thing


  • Cardinal Points - an IF article blog by Karl Parakenings a.k.a "Orikae", hosted by eToychest.
    • Note from Orikae on May 2006: Team Homp has changed its interface (and will probably tweak it in the future); to reach the Cardinal Points column, click on Column/Articles, then Cardinal Points.
    • Somewhere between May and October, the Temp Homp site closed down (or moved, maybe). The Cardinal Points blog moved to
    • In December 2008, IFWiki belatedly notices that etoychest no longer exists, and something called Snackbar Games is in its place. No trace of Cardinal Points can be found there. If it still exists there or elsewhere, we don't have a link for it.