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This category is for game pages which are missing the appropriate "baf game" template(s) and associated Baf's Guide game ID number.

At Baf's Guide, every game listed there has a unique game ID number. To add the link from a game page on IFWiki to the appropriate game page on Baf's, please use the baf game template with the game's name and ID number. For example:

{{baf game|Pass the Banana|632}}

If the game is in IF Archive or shortly expected to be uploaded there AND if you don't know the ID number for a game (maybe Baf's doesn't list that game yet or you don't have the time to look it up), then use the baf wanted template, which will add the game page to this category and alert other editors to add the ID later. (This might also help editors at Baf's Guide know which games are missing pages there.) For example:

{{baf wanted}}