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This category is meant to encourage the creation of pages of IF coding examples in the IFWiki. Our model for this exercise is the Cloak of Darkness sample game. People will propose a short coding challenge or premise. And then they (or others) will write another page showing how to code that in a particular IF authoring system. Hopefully we'll get lots of examples. But the trick is how to organize it.

  1. First, create a category page for the coding premise or challenge. For example, suppose the premise is about restrictions on what the PC can smell. Create an appropriate name for the category with "(example)" at the end, eg: Smell restrictions (example), put your coding premise in it, and at the end, put it in the Examples of code category, which is this page.
  2. Second, if you want to write the actual code example for a premise, create a normal page with the same name as the premise, but with "(Inform example)" or "(TADS 3 example)" or whatever is appropriate at the end. For example:


Similar pages and categories can be made for other examples and authoring systems.

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