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Dead links

If anyone wonders why all the links to the scans of Amstrad magazines have been dead for months: the CPCWiki removed them from their site in (I think) July or August. I asked about that on their forum a few weeks later (my messages were later accidentally deleted when it moved to a new address): if I remember correctly, I was told that the scans were removed because of problems with people leeching the entire archive, but they would come back soon.

Now, they're still not back, but I see someone else asked about them, so I think I'll wait for the reply. (For Amstrad Action, it would be possible to use another site instead, but I'd prefer not to do all that work if it's not necessary; and I don't know of any other sites for scans of complete issues of other English Amstrad magazines.) --Eriorg 11:16, 21 December 2009 (UTC)