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Lately, I've seen a few empty People pages created. I really don't see how that's helping. Please, if you're going to create a new page, please please please put some content on it. Simply adding them to the People category is not good enough. Thanks. I needed to vent on this. -- David Welbourn 10:45, 26 Jan 2005 (Central Standard Time)

I agree David, but I think we (you and I for starters) should view ourselves as "editors" of Either direct suggest changes on Talk:username pages or make the changes directly and note why you made them. I also feel strongly that we need to babysit the new content that's coming in. --David Cornelson 18:51, 22 Feb 2005 (Central Standard Time)

The other side of IF authors

I am always curious what IF authors do in the world outside their heads; i.e., in so-called real life. I think it would be interesting to note things such as that Steven Granade is a physicist, or Emily Short a classicist. No one has mentioned anything like that on the authors' pages. Would that somehow be considered bad form? Perhaps the authors themselves would supply one sentence about their activities outside IF.

Harry Kaplan

Reorganising the People Category

Could/Should we maybe organise the list on this page? As so to make things more legible and easier to find for new users. The Subcategories are populated by all categories of people but is nor really organised. I'm proposing a List/Table of different categories of people. Or maybe some sort of Organised Box/Table that Wikipedia has at the bottom of their page (ex: after External Links on this page. Like:

  • Separating the "[System] Authors" from the other listed categories (i.e. Musicians, Interviews, Reviewers, etc...)
  • Grouping/Indenting the "Inform Authors" subcategory (Inform 5/6/7 + extensions) OR removing the "Inform Author" Category altogether.
    • I think the same should be done with Ink/Inklewriter
  • Adding a "Competition Winner" category, like you have Winner of Competition on the IFDB game pages but for Authors
    • Also adding and IFDB Awards Winner.
  • Listing ALL available language category: we are prioritising the French language, but there is an extensive Spanish community, as well as a sizeable German one.
  • update the "[system authors]" list with other systems? Like Moiki Authors (I've been adding French peeps, and we like Moiki quite a bit)

Other related comments for the page:

 Contributors are asked to please use the guidelines in the People (style guide) when adding pages appropriate to this category.

Should be somewhere on the side, it's getting lost between two paragraphs right now.

 Note that a person's page might also be added to a few additional categories that are not subcategories of People.
 If a person worked for commercial developer or publisher of IF, and that company is itself a category in IFWiki, then that person's page should be added to that company's category. For example, Steve Meretzky is in the Infocom category.
 If a person created an authoring system, he or she should be added to that authoring system's category. For example, Campbell Wild is in the ADRIFT category.
 If a person speaks a language other than English, he or she can be added to that language's category. For example, French speakers are added to the French category.

I don't think this should leave the People (Style Guide). This is not helpful for visitors to know about. Manonamora (talk) 22:44, 15 March 2024 (UTC)