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Here are a few more possible candidates for "tropes" (not sure):

  • game phases
    • prologue / introduction
    • middle game
    • ending / end game ("multiple endings" as a single trope ?)
  • clues
  • protagonist (already has an IFWiki entry)
  • winning and losing
  • back story
  • compass directions / navigation
  • searching

- David Fisher

We already have a Compass and a Navigation entry, although either of those could profitably be expanded and added to Tropes (or Design pattern, probably). Similarly losing and winning. As I've stated elsewhere, for clues I'd like to see a help page on how to analyse IF text for clues and other important information - Reading for Clues or something.

I very much like the idea of a single trope page for game phases, which could then be split up into individual pages if it gets too long. -- Maga 06:56, 14 Nov 2005 (Central Standard Time)