Compass Software

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Compass Software was a British homegrown software house, run by Jon Lemmon, based in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, UK, publishing games primarily for the ZX Spectrum.

Although some of his earlier games were written with Your Sinclair adventure columnist & From Beyond fanzine editor Tim Kemp, Jon Lemmon's Compass Software was basically a one-man show. His unique, well-presented games often incorporated special graphical or sound effects, including on occasion, mini-arcade games.

Producing several trilogies and multi-game sagas, notable Compass titles included the Blood of Bogmole, Demon from the Darkside, and Project X: The Micro Man.

Compass Software closed when Jon felt the sales had declined to no longer make the venture worth his time, leaving his final adventure Night of the Demons unfinished and unpublished.

The Compass games eventually went on to be distributed by The Adventure Workshop.