Concours Moiki numéro 3

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Concours Moiki numéro 3
Part of series Concours Moiki
Organiser kaelhem
Event dates
Submissions begin 10 Apr 2021
Submissions due 10 May 2021
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The Concours Moiki #3 was the third competition hosted by kaelhem on the Moiki platform. The theme for this event was "Animaux en folie".

This event was aimed at children under 13, and for children readers. Participants could ask for help in the writing or coding of the stories.

The winner of the competition would receive a t-shirt.


  • Entries must be written in French.
  • The theme should be included in the entry.
  • The word count should be between 500 and 3000 words.
  • The entries should not have more than 50 sequences.
  • The entries should be free of bugs.


  • L'enlèvement de Peach (Robin, Moiki)
  • Les animaux de la fête (elliot chaillou, Moiki)
  • Panique au zoo! (Romeo & Timothée, Moiki)


It was decided that all participants won the competition and received each a t-shirt.