Concours Moiki numéro 4

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Concours Moiki numéro 4
Part of series Concours Moiki
Organiser kaelhem
Event dates
Submissions begin 1 Jul 2023
Submissions due 1 Sep 2023
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The Concours Moiki #4 is the fourth competition hosted by kaelhem on the Moiki platform. The theme for this event is "Le calme avant la tempête". The winner of the competition would receive a t-shirt.


  • Entries must be written in French.
  • The theme should be included in the entry.
  • The word count should be between 4000 and 6000 words.
  • The entries should not have more than 150 sequences.
  • The entries should be free of bugs.


  • Edenia (pat, Moiki)
  • Capitaine Chavire (ou les déboires d'un matou sur la Mer de Lait) (Lillie B, Moiki)
  • La Tempête (Mythonirie, Moiki)
  • La Révolte des Roses (Gavroche Games, Moiki)


The following game was voted as the winner:

  • Capitaine Chavire (ou les déboires d’un matou sur la Mer de Lait)