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DARKTOWN is an incomplete text-adventure game with TADS 2.

DarkTown 1.png
Author(s) zzo38
Publisher(s) n/a
Release date(s) not yet
Authoring system TADS 2
Platform(s) TADS 2
Language(s) en
License(s) unknown
Color effects none
Graphics none
Sound/Music none
Cruelty scale Polite

How It Begins

You start in a prison cell. The prison cell contains a bed, toilet, plaque, and computer terminal. The plaque contains things that looks like your writing although you don't have anything to write with and you never remembered writing anything like that. You are not carrying anything.

In this game, you will explore many places, mostly in one building but there are other places also. This game is very puzzle-minded, including a few unique puzzles.

Notable Features

  • NOTEPAD command for keeping notes.
  • The TADS parser engine has been highly customized from the default. (However, you don't need a different TADS interpreter to run it, any 2.5.5 or later interpreter will work.)
  • Things like dark rooms, inventory carrying limit, etc, while hindering you in other games, can actually help you in these games in some situations. (As far as I know, this game would be impossible to complete if you had an infinite carrying capacity.)
  • Tropes: Amnesia, Easter egg, Everyman (or AFGNCAAP), Jail cell, Score, Xyzzy


IFID: E5CA4D19-CD3D-436F-B4DF-DC3E11081C59
IFIDExt: 0001-BE010000
Machine: tads2;TADS 2.5.5
Byline: Written by: zzo38
Url: http://zzo38computer.cjb.net/textadv/beta/darktown
Version: beta 1
Language: en
Forgiveness: Polite
ForgivenessExt: Super Polite
LicenseType: Freeware
LicenseTypeExt: Free Software;GNU GPL v3
CopyingRules: No Restrictions;Compilations Allowed
PresentationProfile: Plain Text


1 Beta

  • DARKTOWN (zzo38; 2008Oct05; TADS 2)
    • TADS 2.5.5
    • IFID: E5CA4D19-CD3D-436F-B4DF-DC3E11081C59
      IFID links: IFDB
    • Files: darktown.zip (95k; source + story file + license + metadata)

Author's Notes

Your character does not have to be human (although they might be human), they could be any kind of creature that has hands and is capable of operating devices like computers and switches and stuff. Gender and age doesn't matter either. It is more generalized than normal Everyman/AFGNCAAP game.

This is the first text-adventure game I make with TADS, and is also the first text-adventure game I made which is any good. (I made a few before, with other programming (not TADS), but they weren't any good.) I decided to customize the parser and stuff, and just see how things in TADS works. It can make the game unique in some ways. Even some of the puzzles are based on the parser.

I used Microsoft PowerPoint 97 to make maps and other plans for the game. I might post this file too, maybe, but it will be later, not right now.

A beta-testing version (but incomplete) will be available soon, so people can make a comment. New beta-testing versions will be added more when is more progress, and then the final beta-testing version, and then the real final version without beta-testing, because all the beta-testing and creation of the game will be done by then.

I will license this game using GNU GPL v3.