Darkiss! Il bacio del vampiro

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Darkiss! Il bacio del vampiro (tr. Kiss of the Vampire) is an Italian horror text adventure, written by Marco Vallarino. It is an interactive fiction about the evil vampire Martin Voigt. The game has been published by the Italian computer magazines Win Magazine, Computer Bild, Giochi per il Mio Computer, Linux Pro and Idea Web. It is also the first part of a story that continues to Darkiss 2.

Darkiss! Il bacio del vampiro
Author(s) Marco Vallarino
Publisher(s) Wonderful Vision
Release date(s) 5-Jan-2011
Authoring system Inform 6.31
Platform(s) Z-code
Language(s) Italian
License(s) Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs License
Color effects none
Graphics none
Sound/Music none
Cruelty scale Merciful

How It Begins

The vampire Martin Voigt was slain and supposedly made harmless for good... supposedly! Now he comes back to life to retaliate on those who tried to get rid of him. But first he has to escape from his own tomb, where he is imprisoned by the traps set by his enemies.


Italian Version

  • Darkiss! Il bacio del vampiro (Marco Vallarino; 5-Jan-2011; Z-code; Italian)
    • Release 4.1 / Serial number 140116 / Inform 6.31
    • IFID: ZCODE-4-140116-6E0C
      IFID links: IFDB, IFDB cover
    • Download darkiss.zip from Giochi Gratis
    • File darkiss.zip includes:
      • Darkiss.z5
      • Darkiss.ulx
      • Darkiss.ini
      • Darkiss_Setup.exe for Windows
      • Darkiss.deb for Ubuntu, Debian and other GNU/Linux distributions
      • Darkiss_leggimi.txt (instructions in Italian)
    • Download darkiss.z5 from IF Archive

(Also translated to English as Darkiss! Wrath of the Vampire - Chapter 1: The Awakening.)