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Inform 6
Authoring system
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Developer Graham Nelson
Formats Glulx, Z-code
Interaction style Parser
Systems Browser, Windows, macOS, Linux
System details An online editor is available: see Borogove.
Latest version 6.36 / 25 Jan 2022
Status Stable
Uses interpreter
Multimedia support
Notes See also: Inform 7; Inform.
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Inform 6 is version 6 of Inform, an interactive fiction programming language created by Graham Nelson, now maintained by David Kinder and Andrew Plotkin (compiler), and David Griffith (library). Inform 6 made its debut on April 30th, 1996, and it continues to be one of the most popular IF development systems even after the introduction of Inform 7 in 2006. Inform 6, like all other versions of Inform, compiles to code not only for the Z-machine, the same virtual machine used by Infocom, but also for the more powerful and flexible virtual machine called Glulx.

Inform 6 is portable across many hardware platforms. Interpreters for z-code exist for nearly every computer system ever designed and Glulx interpreters exist for most major operating systems currently in use.

Inform 6 is designed to be translatable to languages other than English. There are currently translations available for Dutch, Esperanto, French, German, Italian, Lojban, Russian, Slovenian, Spanish and Swedish. (See: The Inform Translations Page)

Although Inform 6 is not an easy language to learn, its binaries are widely supported, and many code libraries are freely available on the Internet. Inform is well served by two valuable manuals, The Inform Designer's Manual (the DM4) and The Inform Beginner's Guide (the IBG).

Tips and Tutorials

See Category:Inform 6 tutorials.


There are a number of editors meant to make writing Inform 6 code simpler and easier. They can automatically highlight or format code, generate basic code for classes, and other handy functions.


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