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Part of series ECTOCOMP
Organiser Ruber Eaglenest
Event dates
Submissions due 30 Oct 2021
Submissions begin 1 Oct 2021
Results announced 26 Nov 2021
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La Petite Mort - English

For those who want to speed-write their game in 4 hrs or less

  • Winner: All the Colors of the Rainbow, by Akinis
  • 2nd Place: LIDO, by Elizabeth Smyth
  • 3rd Place: The Fishing Cat, by MoyTW
  • 4th Place: Haunted Mustache Pizza Delivery, by Joey Acrimonious
  • 5th Place: A Ghost Story, by Nils Fagerburg
  • 6th Place: This Person Is Not My Father, by N. Cormier
  • 7th Place: The River of Blood, by Dee Cooke
  • 8th Place: Return to Castle Veederstone ...for the first time ...for the last time, by Stewart C Baker
  • 9th Place: Your Death, in two acts, by Amanda Walker
  • 10th Place: My Flat, by ZipLockBagMan
  • 11th Place: Weary Eerie Way, by Andrew Schultz
  • 12th Place: Deep in the Spooky Scary Woods, by Healy
  • 13th Place: Psyops, Yo, by Andrew Schultz
  • 14th Place: Sommelier Nuit, by GusFuss
  • 15th Place: Fat Ass, by Naomi Norbez (call me Bez)

Le Grand Guignol - English

Le Grand Guignol, for games that, for whatever reason, took longer than 4 hrs to write

  • Winner: Even Some More Tales from Castle Balderstone, by Ryan Veeder
  • 2nd Place: The Lookout, by Paul Michael Winters
  • 3rd Place: Crumbs 3: The Last Crumb, by Katie Benson
  • 4th Place: The Crew, by Olaf Nowacki
  • 5th Place: Three Rogues Fight Death, by Solvig Choi
  • 6th Place: The Fable of the Kabu, by Jorge García Colmenar
  • 7th Place: Jack, by Arlan Wetherminster
  • 8th Place: The Deer Trail, by Dark Forest Media

La Petite Mort - Spanish

Para aquellos que quieren escribir un juego de forma muy muy rápida, en 4 horas o menos

  • Winner: Por las calles de Madrid, by Clara Cordero

Le Grand Guignol - Spanish

Para juegos, que por cualquier motivo, han sido escritos en más de 4 horas

  • Winner: La casa del caballero, by edlobez
  • 2nd Place: Tránsito, by n-n
  • 3rd Place: Visita de Año Nuevo con jizo, by Mariela 'Scullywen' and Ruber Eaglenest
  • 4th Place: Entre líneas de fuego, by paravaariar
  • 5th Place: Leyendas del Castillo, by Mery
  • 6th Place: The Fable of the Kabu, by Jorge García Colmenar
  • 7th Place: Museo de curiosidades, by Clara Cordero
  • 8th Place: Fiesta Mortal, by ivsaez
  • 9th Place: La dulce compañía, by DareDoge
  • 10th Place: Intruso, by forta
  • 11th Place: Historias de la familia Ferrosa, by Cobra626


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