Ectocomp 2012

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Ectocomp 2012.jpg

ECTOCOMP 2012 is a 3-hour comp for Hallowe'en, organized by J. J. Guest. It is the sixth Ectocomp competition.


  • Submission deadline: October 30, 2012, midnight.
  • Voting deadline: November 30, 2012, midnight.


  1. Ghosterington Night (Wade Clarke; Z-code).
  2. What Are Little Girls Made Of? (Carolyn VanEseltine; Z-code).
  3. The Hunting Lodge (Hulk Handsome; Web).
  4. Parasites (Marius Müller; Z-code).
  5. Beythilda the Night Witch (DCBSupafly; ADRIFT).
  6. The Evil Chicken Of Doom 3D (Mel Stefaniuk; ADRIFT).