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The IF Archive

A repository for freeware and shareware IF games, authoring systems, interpreters, library modules, and related material. This does not include Infocom products and other games for which the rights still belong to a business, unless permission has been granted to distribute them.

For a number of years before moving to its current location, the IF Archive was maintained at, and some older websites and information will still refer to that site, though it is no longer current.

In early 2009, an informal competition called The IF Archive CSS Competition was held to update the visual look of the archive. The winning design, Chartist by Chris Klimas, was adopted on February 17, 2009.


  • Interactive Fiction Archive Though the archive is relatively easy to use if you know exactly what you're looking for, it is difficult to browse.
  • A list of HTML mirrors of the archive, including some with FTP access.
  • The IFDB references most games in the Archive.
  • Baf's Guide to the IF Archive.
  • Parchment. Play any Z-Code or Glulx game from the IF Archive in Parchment, a web interpreter. No plugins needed.

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