Escape to Freedom

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Escape to Freedom
Author(s) Mario Moeller
Publisher(s) TBA
Release date(s) 1989
Authoring system The Quill
Platform(s) Commodore
Language(s) English
License(s) Former commercial
Color effects none
Graphics none
Sound/Music none
Cruelty scale Cruel

How It Begins

You are the pilot of a World War II bomber, returning to your home base for refuelling. Passing over the enemy territory, you experience a sudden jolt and notice a trail of flame and smoke following your plane. You've been hit! You make a desperate lunge for the controls in an effort to stabilize the rocking aircraft. Your worst fears are realized when that horrible sinking feeling makes itself present. Wrestling with the controls seems futile as the plane descends farther and farther.

You eventually smash into the ground in a smoking heap. The plane - what's left of it - is damaged beyond repair, including the radio. You are miraculously unhurt except for several aching bruises.

It's now up to you to ESCAPE the enemy territory and make it back to your home country. Use all of your logic and cunning, as out there you don't get second chances.


Initial Release

ADRIFT 4 port