French Minicomp 2009

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French Minicomp 2009
Part of series Concours de Fiction Interactive Francophone
Website [http:// ]
Organiser Otto Grimwald
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French Minicomp 2009 is the fifth French competition in this series. The organizer is Eric Forgeot, also known as Otto Grimwald. The competition logo was created by Benjamin Roux with the help of Eric Forgeot. The theme was proposed by SIM54.


The complete rules (in French) are there.

  • Entries must be written in the French language, but may use any authoring system.
  • The suggested (but not required) theme is the French words "sous terre" (meaning "underground" in the literal sense): for instance, games about a mine, an underground railway, sewers, a rabbit hole, a cave, a tunnel, a fallout shelter, the bunkers of communist leaders in Eastern Europe and the USSR, etc.


  • Submission deadline: originally thought to be around September 2009, but was extended to January 2010.
  • Games released: January 12, 14, and 17, 2010.
  • Voting deadline: February 1st, 2010 (but it was slightly extended).
  • The results were announced on February 9th, 2010.


All three games are in French. All the authors used pseudonyms.

  1. Catapole (Adrien Saurat as "Noireaud"; 14-Jan-2010; Z-code 5).
  2. La chambre de Syrion (Benjamin Roux as "Nemesis"; 12-Jan-2010; Z-code 8).
  3. Les méchants meurent au moins deux fois (Eric Forgeot as "Yann Flemmard"; 17-Jan-2010; Z-code 8).