GI Games

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GI Games was Scottish-based software house, run by Gordon Inglis in the 1990s.

Gordon Inglis was a record shop owner and entrepreneur from Edinburgh. He'd been a reseller of videogames through his main Sandven Ltd business, and had also run a second hand software swap-shop, as well as a ZX Spectrum Public Domain service (see From Beyond PD).

Through his new venture GI Games, he acquired the rights to republish games from the likes of St. Bride's, Delta 4, 8th Day, and indie author Walter Pooley.

The most notable releases by GI Games were undoubtedly the first publication of the hitherto unknown St Bride's games Silverwolf, The White Feather Cloak and The Dogboy.

After licensing out these rights to others (such as the Northern Underground and Venturesoft) for a brief amount of time, he eventually came to an arrangement for Zenobi Software to take on the titles on a permanent basis, and GI Games closed up shop.