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English 401: Viking Studies is a course at Gettysburg College, Pennsylvania. The instructor is Christopher R. Lee. Part of the coursework, beginning in 2007, included crafting works in Inform 7 based on specific facets of Viking stories, places, or culture.

Almost all of the following projects have the serial number 071205 indicating a December 5th, 2007 release. The Christian Lady of Rashen Abbey is likewise dated December 6th, 2007. Cronk ny Merriu, for some reason, is dated April 24th, 2008.

All the projects are .zblorb files, playable on compatible Z-machine interpreters.

The Viking Studies IF projects


  • Viking Studies Useful Course Materials - The course page with links to the IF projects, plus short descriptions. Some supplemental quizzes are provided to test your knowledge of Viking lore after you've played a work.