Great Underground Empire

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Also known as GUE or Quendor. The Great Underground Empire was part of the world of Zork, the location of many of Infocom's games.

The geography of the GUE can be roughly described by its parts: the Westlands and Eastlands on either side of the Flathead Ocean, in the center of which was the island Antharia.

The GUE was ruled by members of the Flathead dynasty, until the fall of Dimwit Flathead the Excessive. In secret, a series of Dungeon Masters maintained the legacy of this era for many years thereafter.

The basic unit of currency is the zorkmid. The basic unit of weight is the ugh. The basic unit of liquid measure is the gloop.

Magic is primarily worked through spellbooks, scrolls and potions. The most common spells are probably gnusto, frotz, rezrov, and izyuk.

The GUE is home to many interesting creatures, of which the most troublesome is the grue which lurks in dark places. Notable plants include spenseweed and morgia.


  • Chronology of Quendor, by Robin Lionheart, is an amazing attempt to consolidate everything known about the GUE.