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House or The House may refer to one of the following games:

  • House (Matthew Wiltshire; 2003; ADRIFT). ADRIFT Spring Comp 2003: 3rd place of 3 entries.
  • The House (Owen Parish; 2003; TADS 2).
  • The House (Joe Powell; ADRIFT).
  • House (Jon Ripley; 1995 and 2005; RISC OS and Z-code). One of the author's Mini-Adventure authoring system demo games.
  • The House (Juan Manual Martin Castillo; 1992; Spectrum; Spanish).
  • House (Kris Cyou; 2000; Quest).
  • House (Jim Jones; 2002; Quest).
  • House Adventure (Jack Bromby; 2007; Quest).
  • The House (Jazz Remington aka "solidex"; 2007; Z-code).
  • The House (Finn Rosenløv; 2011; ADRIFT). Ectocomp 2011: Tied for 7th place.
  • House (Karona; 2018; TADS 3). Spring Thing 2018.


  • House Tutorial (Inform) - is an Inform tutorial written by David Cornelson in 1998 for a sample game called "The House".

House or Home-related tropes:

  • My Apartment - A typical coding exercise by a first-time author is to code a version of their own home.
  • Family Home Mystery - The PC explores a large family home in order to solve a mystery of some kind.

See also:

  • Category:Home - Games set in someone's home, such as a house or an apartment.

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