IFDB Awards 2023

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IFDB Awards 2023
Part of series IFDB Awards
Website https://ifdb.org/news?item=137
Organiser MathBrush
Event dates
Voting begins 1 Feb 2024
Voting ends 17 Feb 2024
Results announced 18 Feb 2024
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The second IFDB Awards, for works in 2023.

Rule changes

Compared to 2022, the following rules were changes after public polls and discussion:

  • The separate set of "author's choice" polls was reduced to a single poll for authors. Most of the polls are open to everyone (formerly called "player's choice").
  • All polls are now anonymous (previously "player's choice" polls were public).
  • The genre-based polls no longer require a work to be tagged as that genre in the IFDB 'Genre' field -- genre membership is up to individual voters.
  • "Outstanding Feelies" was dropped as a category.