Escape From the Mechanical Bathhouse

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Virtual reality
Escape From the Mechanical Bathhouse
Escape From the Mechanical Bathhouse cover.png
Author(s) Nathaniel Spence
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Release date(s) 06-May-2020
Authoring system Quest
Platform(s) Quest
Language(s) English
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Cruelty scale Polite

How It Begins

You are a man who, after a very rough day at work, is now dreaming he's in the lobby of a bathhouse for mechanical people. You see a unmoving mechanical man in just a bathrobe, a cuckoo clock, and walls with elaborate clockwork patterns. You're carrying nothing and wearing just your pajamas.

Notable Features

  • One puzzle takes place in real time. You will have 50 seconds to make five pattern matches with a device, so you must type quickly for that part.


Version 1.0


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