David Welbourn

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David Welbourn, 2007. From GET LAMP.

Prodigious game-player of IF, as well as occasional author. Helps maintain IFWiki and has composed maps and walkthroughs for many IF games over the past 25 years. David's nickname on ifMUD is DavidW. On IFWiki, he's Dswxyz.

Author Credits

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Game Appearances

As an NPC:

  • Four Days of Summer (David Welbourn; 2017; Glulx). A shameless self-insertion, David is your companion in this game and makes frequent references to other works of interactive fiction.

As a cameo appearance:

  • The Day I came back (Marius Müller; 2014). In a clear reference to his game 69,105 Keys, David is not named but presented with the words:

    Suddenly, a man appears from the cabin. He has glasses, a moustache and a friendly face.

As a reference only:

Other Credits

  • Wrote walkthroughs for many games.
  • Converted DM4 from PDF to HTML, with assistance from David Cornelson.
  • Contributed to AAS April Fool's prank.
  • Assembled list of year's games for XYZZY Awards 2002–2011.
  • An administrator and frequent contributor to IFWiki.