Jacob's Travels

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Jacob's Travels
Author(s) Anssi Räisänen
Publisher(s) n/a
Release date(s) 05-Aug-2007
Authoring system Inform 7
Platform(s) Z-code 8
Language(s) English
License(s) Freeware
Color effects none
Graphics none
Sound/Music none
Cruelty scale Cruelty to be determined

How It Begins

You may be the sole survivor from the sinking of the Wayfarer. You don't know if any other crewmembers survived the storm. Exhausted, with only your soaking clothes on your back, you've managed to reach the wooden quay of this unknown island. It seems to be just one mountain, jutting out of the sea, and the only path from the quay leads to stairs climbing the side of the mountain. Perhaps you should see what's up there.

Notable Features


Release 1

  • Jacob's Travels (Anssi Räisänen; 05-Aug-2007; Z-code 8).
    • Release 1 / Serial number 070804 / Inform 7 build 4W37 (I6/v6.31 lib 6/11N)
    • IFID: 91D0188D-64E7-4E24-89D7-E7DF8FD6944B
      IFID links: IFDB
    • IntroComp 2007 2nd Runner-up (3rd place from 7 games).
    • Download introcomp07.zip from the IF Archive - All the IntroComp 2007 games. The story file for this game is jacobst.z8.


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