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Some formatting guidelines for the pages in the XYZZY Awards category.

(Not a complete guide yst, but just a summary of what I said on Talk:XYZZY Awards#Formatting. It was getting obvious we needed (that is, I needed) some consistency. -- David Welbourn 17:52, 17 March 2007 (EST))

For the "XYZZY Awards [Year]" pages, e.g. XYZZY Awards 2006:

  • Wikilink all the game titles and all the author names no matter how often they appear on the page. It just doesn't look right when only the first instance of each are linked.
  • Only wikilink the first reference to a platform within a section, and leave subsequent mentions of a platform unlinked. For example, that last means that Z-code would only get linked to at most twice, once in the 'winners' section, and once in the 'winners and finalists' section.
  • Avoid boldface for winning titles in the 'winners and finalists' section.

For the "XYZZY Awards ([Awardname])" pages, e.g. XYZZY Awards (Best Puzzles):

  • Let's keep the repetition of the awardname for now. The main advantage is we can easily cut 'n' paste the appropriate lines or paragraphs from the year pages without needing to edit further. (This particular guideline need not be the last word, though. We can revisit this point and change it later if it still seems a bit off.)