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Developers Atul Varma, Dannii Willis
Formats ADRIFT 4, Glulx, Hugo, TADS 2, TADS 3, Z-code
Interaction style
System Browser
System details
Latest version 2024.2.12 / 12 Feb 2024
Status Stable
Uses interpreter Emglken, Quixe, Ifvms.js
Used byParchmap
Multimedia support Colours, graphics (No TADS multimedia support)
License MIT (parts under BSD, GPLv2)
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Parchment is a web interpreter for ADRIFT 4, Glulx, Hugo, TADS, and the Z-machine.

As noted on its development page, Parchment is available in several forms, including:

  • the website where you can specify a story file (on the web or on your computer) to play
  • an interpreter template for Inform 7 for both Glulx and Z-code, which allows Inform 7 authors to easily publish their own online Parchment websites
  • a site generator at to turn a story file into a single, self-contained HTML file to publish or play offline

Embedded software

Parchment includes:


Parchment was originally a Z-machine-only web interpreter, created in 2008 by Atul Varma by reviving Gnusto. Dannii Willis became heavily involved shortly afterward.

The IFComp 2009 site promoted Parchment to play some entries online. (This functionality was integrated into the IFComp site itself as of IFComp 2010.)

In June 2010 (build 6E59), Inform 7 integrated Parchment with its ability to "release along with an interpreter", allowing Inform-7-authored games to easily be published on the web.

In March 2011, Parchment became a multi-format interpreter with the integration of Quixe, and got a new home at


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