IF Short Games Showcase 2023

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IF Short Games Showcase 2023
Part of series IF Short Games Showcase
Website https://itch.io/jam/if-short-games-showc...
Organisers E. Joyce, Encorm
Event dates
Event begins 12 Dec 2023
Event ends 31 Dec 2023
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From the webpage:

The Short Games Showcase is an opportunity to show off shorter interactive fiction works made in the past year (Jan 1, 2023 to Dec 31, 2023), regardless of whether they've been submitted to any previous jam or competition or not, and regardless of whether there have been any major updates since their initial release.

Short games tend to get less love than longer games in general-purpose, non-speed-IF comps, while if released outside of a comp or jam, they may not get eyes on them at all. We want to give shorter works their moment in the spotlight in a comp where they’ll be compared only to each other, and bring some more attention to the many excellent short games that get released every year.

There were 70 entries. In addition to rating the games on itch.io, voting for specific categories was done via a Google form. The categories included:

  • Best Use of Short Form
  • Best Use of Interactivity
  • Best Story-Focused Game
  • Best Puzzle-Focused Game
  • Most Replay Value


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