Infocom - The Master Storytellers

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There are two unrelated websites under this name.

Roger J. Long

Marco Thorek

Infocom: The Master Storytellers is a website dedicated to the history and output of the defunct Interactive Fiction company Infocom. Presented in a style meant to be an idealized vision of how Infocom would have presented itself, it has biographies, product information, history, and various trivia about the works.

From the site:

So, why another site, you might want to ask, when there are already so many around? The driving thought behind this one was: what would it have looked like if Infocom had made it to the Internet age? How would the company have presented itself? Probably simplistic but stylish. The most beloved Infocom games had no graphics, no sound, were simple to use and easy to get into. And doesn't simplicity carry the greatest style of all? Infocom probably would have carried that vision through to their website and what you see before is my vision of what it might have looked like.