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interact-if is an interactive fiction directory hosted on Tumblr, Reddit, and Discord. Its most active platform is currently Tumblr.

In a blog form, interact-if promotes IF projects, both completed or in developments, through sharing posts of their respective authors, maintaining recommendations lists, interviewing Tumblr-based authors, and sharing IF-related resources (writing, coding, etc...).

Started in February 2021 on Reddit, the goal for this project was to build a stronger IF community on that platform. In April 2021, the Tumblr Directory opened. In May 2021, the Discord server opened, allowing the community to freely exchange and discuss. In June 2021, an account on was opened to create itch-based catered game collections.

From May 2021 to August 2022, interact-if published regular interviews of authors of minority backgrounds, to promote diversity in Interactive Fiction.

In 2022, interact-if hosted a game jam, the interact-if text-based story jam.