JavaME Interpreters

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Java Platform, Micro Edition, (Java ME, or J2ME) is a Java platform designed for various mobile devices.

  • Z2ME - Z-code (v.3) interpreter for J2ME by Troy Davis aka GPF. Z2me is based in part on the Zplet Z-code interpreter by Matthew T. Russotto. A midp 2.0 version by wryun can be found on discussion thread on
  • ZaxMidlet - Z-machine interpreter for Blackberry and other J2ME devices that support MIDP2.0 and file access. It is based on Zax 0.91. The main features include: support for qwerty-keyboard, adjustable font (size and colour), ability to load external game files, ongoing development. May be not very convenient for touch-phones.
  • ZeeME - Z-code interpreter for the J2ME environment supplied with a packager that allows compiling .jar applets with a single z-code file. to be executed on a mobile device.

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