Linda Wright

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Linda Wright, now known as Linda Doughty was a text adventure writer and PBM game designer in the 1980s.

Her initial games, for the Amstrad CPC, were released by mainstream publisher Incentive Software.

She went on to release games for Spectrum and Atari ST through her own homegrown Marlin Games label. Her Spectrum and Atari ST works were later published through Zenobi Software. Linda's ZX Spectrum games were ported to the Amstrad CPC by The Adventure Workshop who also re-released her Incentive games.

Marlin Games went on to serve as the publisher for her fantasy role-playing PBM game, Arcania; which she created and then moderated for over 18 months.

In 2018, a special (officially authorised) 30th Anniversary edition of Linda's The Beast of Torrack Moor was created using Adventuron; with additional programming by Chris Ainsley and graphics by Andy Green.

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